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Search Engine Compatibility Study


Do you know your website is search engine compatible or not?
What is search engine blindness?

40% to 60% of websites have some or other type of search engine traps.


This is the first and the foremost step towards search engine optimization to attaining top rankings in search engines. Compatibility with search engine is a necessity for a website.


In many instances, it is found that websites are developed using technologies that cause them to be problematic or inconvenient for search engines to spider. This could also be due to the coding, structural incompatibles etc. This makes a search engine BLIND to your site. As a result, your site will not be indexed by the search engine.


Developing and designing features of your website with enormous user functionality and friendliness is not enough for attaining top rankings in search engines. There are two distinctive audiences waiting for your website i.e. Search Engine Spiders and Search Engine Users. If search engine fails to index your website it will further fail to show your website in search engine results.


The methodology we use to make your website is to make compatible for Search Engine Spiders as well as Search Engine Users. The present day requirement is that your website creates an interest among major audiences i.e. people and at the same time it is search engine oriented.


Our SEO Consultants will conduct an indepth analysis to determine the features of your site and Search Engine incompatibility issues to achieve online marketing goals!.


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